Thursday, February 13, 2014

Because we're happy!

Some people go to work and sit in a cubicle. Others set out to the job site and work day in and out on construction, or engineering. Me? I work in a bakery, and while that may not sound like anything special to a lot of people, it's everything to me. I have 2 best friends as co-workers (and my boss), a fantastic FOH crew, and I make sweet treats all day.
As all my fellow NY-ers know, we have had one brutal winter! By the way, thanks for the forecast yesterday guys... 3-8 inches. Let's try 12-15! Woohoo! I've been watching the regulars at the bake shop come in, grumble, and gripe about the weather. They shuffle out to their cars and scrape the ice that locks them out of the comfort of their heated seat warmers, only to skid on the sludge in the parking spaces before finally getting on their ways. They smile briefly while holding their perfect coffee and soft pastries, or while chit chatting with myself or coworkers, but if there's anything I've learned while working in the restaurant hospitality business, it's that if your customers aren't happy. You CERTAINLY are not either. So...what is a bake shop filled with charismatic people to do during the off time of snowy days? Try and make their customers, and the world, be happy! So here, I present you with the first official music video of Blondie's Bake Shop! Remember, smile!

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